Workforce Design

Strategic Workforce Design and Workforce Planning delivers more than just recruitment and workforce shifts. One of the biggest challenges for organisations is implementing a robust and flexible workforce structure that adds value and is a business enabler.

Organisations invest in process improvement, technology and change initiatives to manage work more efficiently but many struggle to evolve their workforce structures in line with business strategy to fully realise productivity improvements. Our methodology is a complete solution that enables oversight on what your workforce is, what it is doing and where every labour dollar is being invested.

The four key principles we adopt as part of Strategic Workforce Design provide a clear, integrated and repeatable process that enables organisations to make evidence based decisions today to provide the workforce they want and need in the future that enables maximum return on people investment.

They provide the insight organisations need to review, validate, challenge and evolve their workforce structures and creates opportunities to make real compounding efficiency savings year after year by eliminating inflated and duplicative labour expenditure.

This complete solution harnesses the ongoing drive for efficiency and provides the strategies to enable organisations to implement efficiencies and evolve their workforce in-line with the evolution of their business, largely with the existing power and functionality of standard IT infrastructure to minimise capital investment.